Aluminium Turbo Nozzle / Spinning Jet for Pressure Washer

Domestic Turbo Nozzle / Spinning Jet for Pressure Washer - Plastic

Domestic Turbo Nozzle / Spinning Jet for Pressure Washer - Plastic


BEST SELLING PRESSURE WASHER ACCESSORY EVER. Fantastic power and performance from this SPINNING NOZZLE which is ideal for removal of heavy dirt, grime from flooring, and will even remove flaking paint from brickwork. The Turbo nozzle almost DOUBLES THE CLEANING POWER

Brilliant on BLOCK-PAVING. Removal of moss and green algae - a doddle!!

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WILL FIT all standard lances with 1/4” male threaded end .

Rotary nozzle with rotating pencil jet, not switchable. Max 2200PSI / 150 Bar

Nozzle Size Chart
Use the pressure washer nozzle size chart below to select the correct nozzle for your pressure washer. For example: If you have a pressure washer rated at 100 Bar and 11 litres/min start at the 100 bar column, slide down until you get to the number nearest 11, in this case 11.3, now look to the green column which is a 05 nozzle. Now decide which angle spray pattern best suits your needs.
Note: PRESSURE CONVERSION. If you want to convert PSI to BAR, divide the PSI value by 15.

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