Hoses Leaking?

coupling coupling side

Theres nothing more infuriating than getting soaked, and losing pressure due to a leaking coupling on the trigger gun or hose. A leaking coupling can also cause no end of damage to an electric pressure washer thats fitted with shutdown... as the machine will be constantly switching on & off and "surging".

Theres usually an easy solution to this problem...

If you pressure washer is leaking from a coupling... turn off the water & disconnect the coupling. Have a look inside the female quick release connector - as this houses an internal O Ring that forms a water tight seal. If this is split, perished or missing, the coupling will leak, and can cause the pressure to drop at the nozzle. Make sure you have a close look inside as sometimes theyre difficult to spot.

You will find these quick release couplings on the outlet of the high pressure pump, on the high pressure hose, and also at the end of the lance - where the nozzles attach into.

You can purchase a set of replacement O Rings from the website... Always handy to have; to avoid such problems.

o ring kit


12 Piece O RING KIT for pressure washer coupling on trigger gun, lance coupling, pressure pump outlet coupling & high pressure hose coupling.
Includes TWO of each of the following...
Yellow = OD14 / ID 8.6mm
Green = OD14 / ID 9.8mm
Red = OD15.6 / ID 10mm
Blue = OD18 / ID 12.7mm
Pump inlet filter washer steel mesh washer