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Choosing the correct size nozzle.

To choose the correct size nozzle for your pressure washer - you will need to know the flowrate of the pump - this is usually rated in litres per minute, and can be found in the hand book or on the silver specification plate on the side of most pressure washers.

You'll also need to know the maximum operating pressure of the pump too. This is noted in either PSI or Bar ( if its noted in PSI; simply divide by 15 to get it into Bar)

Refer to the Nozzle Chart linked here to choose the correct nozzle to suit your pressure & flow.

As an example a pressure washer of 150  bar @ 15 litres per minute - should be fitted with an 055 nozzle size.

Wrong Nozzle Size.

 If the nozzle fitted is too small - it can put back pressure on the pump and cause damage to the pump, unloader valve & put extra strain on the motor or engine. This inturn can cause fuses to be brown on motors, and engines to excessively vibrate. So it is very important to ensure the correct size nozzle is fitted.

If you are unsure which one to order - call us on 0151 548 5500, with your pump pressure & flowrate to hand, and we can advise.

Fan width.

 The first two digits marked on the nozzle usually determine the fan width. For instance a 15055 nozzle would be a 15 degree fan jet with a 055 jet size.

With the Quick release nozzles - some are colour coded - for instance...

Red = 0 degree needle jet

Yellow = 15 degree fan jet

Green = 25 degree fan jet

White = 40 degree fan jet

Black = 80 degree detergent nozzle ( low pressure)