How to bleed a pressure washer pump?

 Sometimes it is necessary to bleed / prime a high pressure water pump - in order to make it suck water from a standing source ( water tank)

If you are wanting to suck water from a tank; you must ensure the following...

Firstly,ensure that the high pressure hose, trigger gun & lance is disconected from the high pressure pump.

Connect the water supply to the inlet of the pressure washer, and turn On the water supply.

Pointing the outlet away from anything you dont want to get wet, start the pressure washer, and any air trapped in the pump should be pushed out. This may take a few minutes.

It will help if you can also raise the water tank above the height of the pressure washer inlet to ensure the unit is gravity fed.

Once you see a steady stream of water coming from the pump outlet, turn off your machine and connect the high pressure hose, gun & lance to the pump outlet, and restart the pressure washer.

The unit should now pull water from the tank.

If the unit is run out of water - you may have to blled the system again.