Thermal Safety Valve

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 The importance of fitting a Thermal Safety Valve

Its always adviseable to fit a thermal safety valve to your commercial high pressure pump for peace of mind and pump reliability. This inexpensive valve is designed to bleed warm water out of a pump once the internal pump temperature goes above 50 C.

This can easily happen if the operator leaved the machine running with the trigger gun closed, and water recirculating around the pump. Due to friction the water temperature will increase and if left, can damage the pump seals - allowing the water to penetrate the oil, so damaging the pump.


The valve is fitted to one of the side connections on the brass pump head - this is usually a 19mm female outlet.

It will fit the full range of Kiam pumps - and is normally fitted as Standard from new.

It will also fir most other pumps from Interpump, CAT, AR, FAIP, Lavorwash, Kranzle too.

You can see the valve fitted to the bottom right side of the pump below.

valve on pump