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Using A Drain Cleaning Hose

How does a Drain Cleaner work?

The Kiam drain cleaning nozzle has three rear facing high-pressure jets that push the hose smoothly through the drainpipe and clear the blockage. The flexible 15 m high quality hoses are reinforced with textile braiding and are highly flexible to ensure they can go around tight bends. The hose is designed to connect to your trigger gun via the univeral male M22 coupling (22mm) giving you hand control of the drain cleaning hose for added safety.

Why do I need a Drain Cleaner?

When unpleasant odours are found in the bathroom or around the kitchen sink, there is sometimes a problem with your drains. The odour begins to form in the vicinity of the plughole, but can spread throughout the whole house. In the worst case, the pipes are so blocked that the water or waste water stops draining completely.

Drain cleaners can also be used to clean gutters - this can be done from the top of the gutter down - or push the hose up the gutter outlet; sitch the pressure washer On - and watch the hose disappear vertically up the gutter drainpipe; cleaning as it goes.

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