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 How does a Turbo Nozzle work?

A turbo nozzle is usually made from a brass housing with a ceramic nozzle, that produces a fine needle jet. The body of the housing is designed so that the jet of water rotates on exiting the nozzle, and produces a very powerful spinning jet.


Most Turbo nozzles will fit all standard lances with 1/4” male threaded end, (and includes a 1/4" male quick release coupling too) AND ALL KIAM petrol & Diesel pressure washers, and most other American & Chinese, Snap=On connectors. (If your connection is different, call us on 0151 548 5500, and we can supply an adaptor for you)

Rotary nozzle with rotating pencil jet, not switchable. 85 C - 185 F

The unit comes in a ribbed rubber cover for added protection against damage

There are several different nozzle sizes depending on what size you need for your specific machine. This is determined by the flowrate of you pump & maximum operating pressure. Please see Nozzle Chart here. If you are unsure which one to order - call us on 0151 548 5500, with your pump pressure & flowrate to hand, and we can advise.


Turbo nozzles are widely accepted as one of the most useful accessories to add on your pressure washer. They give much improved performance with up to 50% increase in cleaning power - or put simply... they can Half the cleaning time as opposed to using a standard fan jet.

They are used by professional driveway cleaning companies in removal of moss & grass from between block paving & paving stones. In industry for knocking off loose paint from steelwork & brick, by plant & machinery dealers in shifting heavy mud & muck from tracked vehicles & equipment. In the marine industry cleaning boats hulls, removing barnacles, and where ever extra power is needed for the heaviest cleaning jobs.