Weighted Water Suction Filter

Weighted Water Suction Filter (Hozelock)

Weighted Water Suction Filter (Hozelock)

Every pressure washer system, whether it is fed by tap water, or from A water tank, stream or pond should have a quality water filter installed on the inlet side of the pump. By nature, water is a carrier of minerals, iron, dirt, rust, and other contaminants. The impurity will get into the pump and cause the unloader or nozzle to clog, and cause wear.
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The stainless steel mesh together with the weighted base means that the filter will sit at the bottom of the water source preventing grit, particles or other debris from entering the pressure washer pump.

Suitable for hoses with hozelock connector
500 micron removable stainless steel mesh
Total length of 11.5cm
80mm diameter base
Max Pressure: 80 psi
Max temp. 60C

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