FAQS: Gutter Cleaning
  1. Why is regular gutter cleaning important? Regular maintenance of your gutters is crucial to prevent potential damage to structures and interiors of buildings. Blocked gutters can lead to expensive repairs, so regular cleaning and maintenance is essential.

  2. What causes blocked gutters? Throughout the year, gutters suffer from a build-up of natural vegetation, including leaves, pine needles, moss, and grass. Birds also carry and drop seeds, and leaves blown by the wind often fall onto rooftops, where they can then settle and collect inside gutters and downpipes, causing blockages.

  3. How do blocked gutters cause property damage? Once gutters become clogged, rainwater cannot flow freely, and the resulting water damage can present a whole variety of issues, including long-term damage to foundations, walls, fascia boards, windows, and ceilings. Internally, this can result in the growth of mold spores and dampness within the home.

  4. How do you clear gutters? We invest in professional equipment from Gutter Vacuum Systems to safely inspect, diagnose, and clear your gutters without danger and with minimal disruption. Our high-powered gutter vacuum system allows us to clear gutters that are otherwise inaccessible, and with our series of GVS poles, we can safely reach over conservatories, extensions, or garages.

  5. When should I have my gutters cleared? We suggest having your gutters cleaned in the autumn and spring or when you see visual signs of water running down the exterior of the building or overflowing, leaking gutters. Regular check-ups are the best way to avoid blockages, especially if your property is surrounded by overhanging trees or the roof is prone to moss. This should keep your gutters nice and clear all year round.

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