Ordering and Delivery

  1. How long will delivery take?

    We offer express checkout which is Parcelforce 24 hour, or standard delivery which is Parcelforce 48 delivery. If you have ordered a large item which goes on a pallet this can take 3-4 working days.

  2. Do you deliver to Ireland?

    At the moment we do not as Brexit has increased costs and delays have occurred due to additional paperwork requests in the past. This is something we are looking to do soon.

  3. Can I collect?

    Yes, you can collect, when checking out you can choose the option to collect, our address is Kiam House, Birchill Rd, Liverpool L33 7TD

  4. How do I apply for a lease deal?

    You can fill out the form on our website to apply for a leasing deal or give us a call on 0151 548 5500.


Pressure Washers

  1. Can I build my own Business Package?

    Yes, you can go through on our website and add all the items you would like to your cart, this will create your own individual business pack.

    You can also swap in/out an item if you would like, give us a call and we can sort this for you. To work it out, simply substitute the value of the item you want to swap out and add in the value of the product you want to swap in. Give us a call if easier and we will be happy to help.



  1. I am not sure which Hose I need for my machine; can you help?

    You can send us a photo over by email to contact@kiamproducts.co.uk and we can advise what hose you need if you show us your current hose/machine.


Gutter Cleaning

  1. What Warranty do I get?

    All of our products come with a 12-month warranty and our full support and assistance for as long as you need us.

  2. How high can I go with Gutter Cleaning?

    The highest kit we do (Carbon/Aluminium) is up to 40”. This is usually as high as you would ever need to go.

  3. What does a Side Inlet Kit do?

    A side inlet kit will improve the performance of your machine, the side inlet will increase the airflow your machine has and this will mean you will get less blockages.



  1. How long is the Cable on the Patio Heaters?

    All heaters come with a 1.8m cable and a UK 3 Pin 13Amp plug so that they are ready to use as soon as they arrive with yourself.

  2. How long is the warranty?

    All of our products come with a 12-month warranty.

  3. Are batteries included with the remote?

    Our Outdoor Infrared Heaters all come with a battery in the Remote.

    Our Indoor Glass Panel heaters unfortunately do not come with batteries for the Remote as these use standard AAA batteries. As we order and ship our glass panel heaters in large quantities, we could not guarantee the batteries would still be within their lifespan.

  4. Do you sell replacement bulbs?

    Yes, we have bulbs readily available and can have them with you the next day.

  5. Do you sell covers?

    Not at the moment, but our designers are currently working on this.

  6. How long do the heaters take to warm up?

    All of our infrared patio heaters are instant, this is the beauty of Infrared Heat.

    Our Indoor Glass Panel heaters can take a few minutes to warm up to full temperature but you will notice the heat being produced straight away.

  7. Are your patio heaters all Infrared?

    The outdoor patio heaters are all infrared.

  8. How much will it cost to run my Infrared Heater?

    Let's take the 2000w - or 2kW - top level setting. This will cost roughly 14p an hour to run, based on the average UK tariff.

    Luckily, our patio heaters are cheap to run and this is one of the huge benefits over Gas Patio Heaters.


Garden Machinery

  1. How do I start my machine?

    For most of our gardening equipment we now have a “How to” video which runs you through how to start your machine and answers any other questions you may have. You can find these in the product descriptions for the product you have or on our YouTube channel.


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