12.5m Telescopic Extendable Lance Pole for Pressure Washer

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The 12.5m / 42ft OVA8® power pole represents a significant advancement in cleaning technology, particularly for high-pressure applications. Its unique design and high-pressure capability of up to 4000psi (or 276 bar) make it a versatile tool for reaching and cleaning areas that are typically difficult to access. This is especially valuable for buildings, windows, and other structures where traditional methods might not suffice or could pose safety risks.

One of the standout features of the OVA8® pole is its anti-spin section. This design innovation means that the oval-shaped clamps need only prevent the pole sections from moving vertically, reducing the workload on these components and potentially extending the pole's lifespan. The oval shape also contributes to greater rigidity and control, as it fits more naturally in the hands of the operator, allowing for a more ergonomic grip that can reduce fatigue during extended use.

The adaptability of the pole to high-pressure cleaning while remaining user-friendly is a notable achievement. The easy adjustment mechanisms and comfortable handle design support operators in efficiently cleaning hard-to-reach areas without the excessive strain that can come from using less sophisticated equipment. This ergonomic consideration is crucial for preventing injuries and ensuring that operators can work more comfortably for longer periods.

Constructed from high-quality carbon fibre and stainless steel components, the OVA8® pole is built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. Its durability and robustness mean that it's not just a tool but a long-term investment in efficient and effective cleaning. By eliminating the need for additional equipment like ladders or scaffolding, which can be expensive and time-consuming to set up, the pole offers a cost-effective solution to a wide range of cleaning challenges.

Key Features

  • Water Pressure Compatibility: It can handle water pressure up to 4000psi or 276bar, making it suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks where high water pressure is required to remove dirt, grime, and other stubborn residues from surfaces.

  • Extended Reach: The pole can extend up to 42 feet (approximately 12.8 meters), providing access to high and hard-to-reach areas without the need for ladders, scaffolding, or other elevation aids, enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • Anti-Twist Technology: Incorporates an anti-twist feature that prevents the pole sections from rotating during use. This ensures consistent performance and reduces the wear and tear on the clamps and sections, enhancing the pole's durability.

  • Lightweight Construction: Made from carbon composite materials, the pole is lightweight, making it easier to handle and maneuver, which reduces operator fatigue during extended use.

  • Rigidity and Control: The design offers increased rigidity and better control over the cleaning process, ensuring precise and efficient cleaning performance even at full extension.

Pole Specifications

  • Material: The pole is made from 100% carbon composite, equipped with a glass fiber handle for enhanced grip and comfort.

  • Sections: It consists of 8 sections, allowing for adjustable length according to the cleaning task requirements.

  • Minimum Length: When fully retracted, the pole measures 2320mm or 2.32 meters, making it compact for storage and transport.

  • Achievable Height: The pole extends to an impressive height of 42 feet, facilitating the cleaning of tall structures without compromising safety.

  • Weight: Weighing in at 7.2kg, it strikes a balance between durability and ease of use, ensuring it can be used for prolonged periods without excessive strain.

  • Trigger and Hose Attachment: Features a sturdy trigger attached firmly to the pole section, complete with a hose swivel and quick release fitting for easy hose management and water flow control.

  • Pressure/Temperature Rating: It is rated for high pressure up to 276bar and temperatures up to 100°C, making it versatile for various cleaning environments and conditions.

  • Clamp System: Utilizes the OVA8® clamp system, designed to securely lock pole sections in place and prevent slippage during operation.

This comprehensive set of features and specifications underscores the 42ft OVA8® power pole's suitability for a wide range of cleaning scenarios. Its design emphasizes safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, making it an excellent investment for professional cleaning services looking for a reliable, high-performance tool.

N.B. This lance does not fit onto domestic brand pressure washers i.e. Karcher
N.B. Coupling on trigger gun is 3/8" bsp female screw thread.
N.B. Excludes nozzles

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Mark Edgar

Not received it yet

Great product

The 12.5m pole has made our work a lot easier and means we can take on bigger cleaning projects and builds without the need for lifting equipment.

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