Aquaspray® Snow Foam Car Wash Detergent (5 litres)

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Arctic White (Neutral)
Citrus Blast (Orange)
Mint Fresh (Blue)
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Aquaspray® Snow Foam Car Wash Detergent offers unparalleled chemical technology to redefine the standard for automotive care. This innovative snow foam detergent isn't just a cleaning solution; it's a revolutionary leap in auto detailing.

Aquaspray® Snow Foam integrates groundbreaking chemical technology that attacks dirt, grime, and contaminants at the molecular level, ensuring an unmatched cleaning experience. Our proprietary formula is the result of years of research and development, designed to deliver a high-foaming action that works seamlessly with snow foam bottles and applicators.

Our Exciting Range:

  • Arctic White: Experience the pure essence of cleanliness with no added colours or fragrances. Arctic Blast is a concentrated snow foam solution that focuses purely on the groundbreaking cleaning technology, providing a pristine, streak-free finish without any distractions.
  • Citrus Blast: Add a zest of vitality to your vehicle with our Citrus Blast. This vibrant orange-coloured detergent not only infuses your wash with a refreshing citrus fragrance but also temporarily tints your car in a playful orangey hue, making the cleaning process as fun as it is effective.
  • Mint Fresh: Immerse yourself in the cool, invigorating essence of Mint Fresh. With its soothing blue colour and a lively spearmint fragrance, this detergent temporarily tints your car to a cool blue that’s as fresh as the scent it emits.

Product Highlights:

  • Nano-Technology Cleaning Agents: Aquaspray® advanced formula penetrates deeper into the dirt than ever before, breaking down the toughest grime on a microscopic level for effortless removal.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Despite its powerful cleaning capabilities, Aquaspray® is completely safe for your vehicle. This non-caustic detergent won't dull colors or harm your car's finish, making it perfect for all types of vehicles.
  • Versatile Application: Designed for versatility, Aquaspray® can be used with both snow foam bottles & high-pressure washers, and is effective with hot or cold water. It's ideal for removing traffic film, general soilage and more, from the bodywork and chassis of your vehicle.
  • Fragranced snow foam available – Citrus Blast or Mint Fresh Scent: Elevate your cleaning experience with a luscious cherry fragrance. Aquaspray® not only leaves your vehicle looking pristine but also smelling fresh and delightful.
  • Superior Foam Performance: Experience ultra-dense foam that clings to surfaces longer than traditional detergents. This means more efficient dirt encapsulation and an easier rinse, saving you time and water.
  • All-Finish Compatibility: From glossy and matte to ceramic-coated finishes, Aquaspray® is engineered to be safe and effective on all types of vehicle exteriors.

Transform your car wash routine with Aquaspray® Snow Foam detergent. Dive into a new era of cleanliness where dirt and grime are effortlessly lifted away, leaving nothing but a stunningly clean, fragrant, and radiant vehicle.

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