Aquaspray 30ft Water-fed Telescopic Extendable Window Cleaning Pole

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Aquaspray 30ft Waterfed Telescopic Pole System for Window Cleaning

Clean Windows like a Professional

The Aquaspray 30 Waterfed extendable window cleaning pole allows you to clean windows like a professional.  You'll be amazed by how sparkling clean your windows and solar panels will soon be! 

The professional quality Aquaspray 30’ (30 foot reach) waterfed telescopic pole allows you to clean all those hard to reach windows from the safety of the ground. 

Extremely Light weight - Only 2.9 kilos!

Very light, weighing only 2.9 kilos. Our water fed extending window cleaning pole is a dream to use because its extremely lightweight as it is made from aerospace aluminium to make each job quick and easy. It can also connect to your standard hozelock garden hose.

Stay Safe with your feet planted firmly on the ground and not up a ladder...

Instead of worrying about falling off your ladder, purchase our water fed telescopic extendable window cleaning pole and clean all your hard to reach windows and solar panels in a snap!

Jobs become much easier when you have the proper tools and with the highest quality materials in the industry, you can rest assured you're getting the value you deserve. 

The brush head is 300mm (12") wide and its angle to the glass is easily extended using the included gooseneck attachment. The brass hozelock connector can be connected easily to a garden hose using a standard hozelock female coupling on a garden hose.

Checkout the video below to see the product in action

Lightweight 6 section extendable window cleaning pole
Manufactured from Lightweight Aerospace Aluminium
Can be extended and clamped with quick 5 quick clamps
Professional quality strength pole system
300mm 12" brush head with adjustable gooseneck attachment
Hose Length from base of pole is 30 foot
Cushioned pole handle for comfort
Pre-threaded hose through the inside of the pole for easy assembly
Total Weight: 2.9 kg

IMPORTANT: These are professional quality poles made from aerospace aluminium not the glass fibre poles that are likely to crack & break.

NOTE: The squeegee and double gooseneck shown in the video are optional extras


Model: Aquaspray 30
Maximum Length: 30 Foot / 9 Metres
Weight: 2.9kg

Solar Panel Cleaning.

Cleaning your solar panels can be a difficult, but important job. By cleaning off the dust and debris you can get the most sunlight possible, and by preventing any dirt or other particles from building up over time, you'll be making sure you're getting the best possible life out of your solar panels.
There are several different methods you can use to clean off your solar panel, but we recommend using our window and solar panel cleaning Water Fed Pole Kit. It will allow you to remove the dust and debris that builds up over time so your panels can operate at their highest efficiency. The easily extended, Lightweight aluminum poles allow you do all of the work directly from the ground – eliminating the worry and potential danger of climbing on the roof or reaching out from a ladder.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Bill Cave
Having researched the market, I was not disappointed.

There are many sellers of extendable pole mounted brushes with water feed; the choice is bewildering; after having reviewed the extensive options: price, pole material, delivery charge etc, I opted for Equip2clean mostly on price and the fact that my usage was not going to be great and the aluminium pole material would be hardy enough for my usage; I was then pleasantly surprised to learn that the advertised cost included delivery, for which I had expected to pay extra. Delivery was exceedingly prompt, - 48 hour Parcel Force.
I used the pole the next day to clean some rather inaccessible solar panels and the system worked a treat. The actual cleaning was done by my 11 year old grandson who was in the homemade ‘man platform’ on the end of the boom of a Kubota excavator, and he managed the weight of the 30ft pole easily enough.
Altogether a good buy, and I have stored the pole and piping in an old length of 120mm pipe, sealed at both ends, to be sure the mice don’t chew holes in the water feed pipe before the next time I need to use it.

Thank you Bill for your brilliant review, we love your homemade 'Man Platform'!

David M
Know what you’re buying before you purchase this

Although the weight is manageable when folded, when it’s fully extended it’s really very heavy (imagine carrying a bag of sugar - not too bad, but now hold it at arms length and the lever effect makes it very heavy). So it is with this equipment - when fully extended you need forearms like Popeye to handle it. If you’re willing to accept this then good luck, just know it’s not for everyone.

Tomney Laverty

Aquaspray 30ft Water-fed Telescopic Extendable Window Cleaning Pole

Roy Dance
Great reach with this 30ft pole

I wanted this pole so that I could reach to apply and algae cleaning product all over my slate roof. The roof tends to turn green on the North facing and shadowed faces. With this pole I can reach the entire roof - right to the ridge - without
Using a ladder. The pole is light, strong, and well made. I might even start cleaning my windows myself - but don’t want to take trade away from our window cleaner - who uses the same gear!

Spencer Bowen
Aquaspray 30ft

This seems like a good quality brush i have used it once on my conservatory and gutters and fascia.when fully extended it is quite bendy and a little difficult to control and im no small chap! however it is my first time so im hoping i get the hang of it I did find it a little stiff on times when collapsing back to normal position i think this may be due to the internal hose jamming a bit; otherwise good quality and it has made my life a bit easier cleaning the conservatory

Arnold Schnegg

Aquaspray 30ft Water-fed Telescopic Extendable Window Cleaning Pole

Sylwester Kowalski
Aquaspray 30ft Water-fed Telescopic Extendable Window

Good product, really recommended.

Gareth Seaborne
Light and effective

We needed an extendable pole to reach our solar panels. This made the job very simple and the difference in power generation is significant as a result!

Jonathan Baggaley
Aquaspray 30ft Water-fed Telescopic Extendable Window Cleaning Pole

Looks and feels like a professional piece of kit. I’ve not used it for the task I intended, cleaning solar panels but I have my doubts that it will reach from ground level but I’m looking forward to trying. It feels like a 5 star product but only given 4 for the time being until I give it a real test. I think most of you out there will be more than happy with it. Best of luck.

Darren Neame

Aquaspray 30ft Water-fed Telescopic Extendable Window Cleaning Pole

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