Kiam® SurfacePro 34" Twin Rotary Surface Cleaner

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Size is everything !    Two is better than One !

The Kiam® SurfacePro 34" Twin Rotary Surface Cleaner stands as the epitome of industrial-grade cleaning innovation, tailored for use with high-volume pressure washers. This state-of-the-art device encapsulates the essence of superior design and functionality, merging two rotary cleaners into a single, formidable unit. With an impressive cleaning swath of 34 inches, it is engineered to tackle extensive areas with unparalleled efficiency.

Crafted from high-strength steel, the Kiam SurfacePro 34 is built to endure the rigors of heavy-duty use. Its robust construction, complemented by a heavy-duty frame and agile wheels, ensures outstanding maneuverability across diverse terrains. This design philosophy extends the cleaner's versatility, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of industrial cleaning applications.

Central to its exceptional performance are the dual twin-arm systems, each equipped with precision-engineered 25° nozzles. These nozzles are adept at maintaining a consistent distance and velocity during operation, ensuring an evenly cleaned surface with every pass. This capability ensures the delivery of an ultimate professional clean, setting a new benchmark in cleaning performance.

The Kiam SurfacePro 34's efficiency significantly reduces the time required to clean expansive areas such as driveways, patios, and commercial floors. Its remarkable power and effectiveness make it the preferred choice for professional cleaning services specializing in block paving and other high-demand cleaning tasks.

For optimal operation, this top-tier cleaning tool necessitates a minimum water flow rate of 25 litres per minute at a pressure of no less than 3000 psi. This specification is crucial for unleashing the full potential of the Kiam SurfacePro 34, ensuring it meets and exceeds the expectations of professionals seeking the ultimate in cleaning efficiency and reliability.


Max Temp: 90c / 194 F
Max Pressure: 275 Bar / 4000 psi
Min Flowrate: 1500 Litres / Hr
Housing: Powder coated high grade steel 34" / 870mm
Inlet Coupling: 3/8 male Quick Release coupling to hose
Nozzles: 4 x 25020 1/4 thread s/steel nozzles
Wheels: 2 x large rear wheels, 2 * swivel castor wheels

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