Kiam® SurfacePro 46" Twin Rotary Surface Cleaner

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This is the BIG ONE !    Two is better than One !

Introducing the Kiam® SurfacePro 46" Twin Rotary Surface Cleaner: the pinnacle of cleaning power for vast expanses, designed for compatibility with high-powered pressure washers & drain jetters. This marvel of cleaning technology embodies the zenith of design excellence and operational supremacy, ingeniously integrating two rotary cleaners into a singular, unparalleled powerhouse. Boasting an extraordinary cleaning path of 46 inches, it is engineered to conquer expansive areas with unmatched speed and thoroughness.

Constructed from premium-grade steel, the Kiam SurfacePro 46 stands as a paragon of durability, designed to withstand the most demanding cleaning tasks. Its sturdy build, reinforced by a robust frame and nimble wheels, guarantees supreme maneuverability across varied landscapes. This cleaner's adaptability renders it an essential asset for a broad spectrum of industrial cleaning endeavors.

At the heart of its superior cleaning prowess are the dual twin-arm configurations, each fitted with high-precision 25° nozzles. These nozzles excel in maintaining optimal cleaning consistency, ensuring a uniformly pristine surface after every sweep. This feature elevates the cleaning experience to unparalleled heights, redefining industry standards for surface cleanliness.

The Kiam SurfacePro 46 significantly slashes the time and effort needed to cleanse vast spaces like parking lots, outdoor patios, and industrial flooring. Its extraordinary efficiency and power position it as the go-to solution for professional cleaners who demand the best in block paving and other intensive cleaning requirements.

For peak performance, this elite cleaning tool demands a minimum water flow of 25 litres per minute at a steadfast pressure of 3000 psi or higher. This specification is vital to unlock the full capabilities of the Kiam SurfacePro 46, ensuring it not only meets but far surpasses the high expectations of professionals in search of the most effective and reliable cleaning solution on the market.


Max Temp: 90c / 194 F
Max Pressure: 330 Bar / 5000 psi
Min Flowrate: 1500 Litres / Hr
Housing: Powder coated high grade steel 34" / 870mm
Inlet Coupling: 3/8 male Quick Release coupling to hose
Nozzles: 4 x 25020 1/4 thread s/steel nozzles
Wheels: 2 x large rear wheels, 2 * swivel castor wheels

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