Kiam KM3700PR Petrol High Pressure Washer Jet Cleaner - Gearbox Version (14HP)

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3700PSI, 15 Litres per minute, 14HP Loncin Engine 

🔥 Unleash the Power of the Kiam KM3700PR 🔥

🔍 Deep Dive into Excellence:

Discover the harmony of power, efficiency, and durability with the Kiam KM3700PR. Designed for seasoned professionals, this pressure washer embodies the pinnacle of cleaning innovation.

🚀 Engine Dynamics:

✅ Boasts a commanding 14HP 4-stroke Loncin petrol engine, symbolizing unparalleled strength in its category.

✅ Delivers an outstanding pressure of 3700 PSI, complemented by a flow rate of 15 litres/min.

✅ Every cleaning session promises unmatched performance, leaving surfaces spotless and rejuvenated.

🚿 Tailored for Every Source:

✅ Specially engineered to draw from static sources like tanks or water butts, ensuring that you’re never tethered to one place.

✅ Its 3m suction hose, coupled with an efficient water filter, guarantees a steady water stream without impurities.

✅ And for those who prefer traditional sources, direct mains connectivity is also a breeze. 🔗 Dive deeper into our guidance on diverse water sources.

🛡️ Safety & Sustainability:

✅ A built-in low-oil shut-off mechanism ensures your engine never risks running dry. ✅ Its gearbox-driven brass pump, fortified with premium German Parker seals, guarantees longevity and reduces wear and tear over time.

🔧 Flexible Cleaning Options:

✅ With 5 varied quick-release nozzles at your disposal, you can effortlessly switch between low-pressure detergent sprays and high-intensity blasts.

✅ Handle any task, from gently cleaning delicate surfaces to removing stubborn stains and grime.

📘 Empower Yourself with Equip2Clean's Resources:

🔑 The Kiam KM3700PR Advantage:

  • 💪 Exceptional cleaning with a 3700 PSI Max Pressure, operating smoothly at 3400 PSI.
  • 🌐 German-engineered seals bolstered with a Thermal Relief Valve (TRV) ensure consistent performance.
  • 🌊 A specialized low-pressure detergent mode seamlessly integrates with the high-pressure cleaning.
  • 📦 Packed with essentials like a recoil starter, durable pneumatic tyres, and a professional-grade hose.

📦 Your Comprehensive Package Includes:

1️⃣ The robust KM3700PR Petrol Pressure Washer Unit.

2️⃣ 10m high-grade pressure hose & efficient detergent pipe.

3️⃣ Precision-engineered trigger gun & a sturdy steel lance.

4️⃣ Versatile quick-release steel nozzles (set of 5).

5️⃣ Water suction mechanism complete with hose & filtration.

6️⃣ A handy tool kit and a meticulously crafted user manual to start you off without a hitch.

📊 Delve into the Details:

  • 🆔 Model: KIAM KM3700PR.
  • 💧 Pressure Metrics: Max. 3700 PSI; Steady Operation at 3400 PSI.
  • 🔄 Consistent Flow: 15 L/Min.
  • 🏎️ Engine Specs: Premium 14 H.P. Kiam OHV 4 Stroke Engine.
  • 📐 Dimensions: 79cm x 50cm x 60cm.
  • ⚖️ Weight: 68 kg, perfectly balanced for mobility and stability.

📜 For those who crave intricate details: Browse our comprehensive instruction manual.

The Kiam KM3700PR isn't just a product; it’s a testament to our commitment to quality. Alongside the machine's superior performance, Equip2Clean’s 12-Month Return to Base Warranty ensures that we stand by you, every step of the way.

Note: If you need to draw water from a static source (water tank) then this is the model for you.  The KM3700PR offers massive pressure and performance no matter where you need to clean.


Model: KIAM KM3700PR
Max. Pressure: 3700 PSI / 255 BAR
Rated Pressure: 3400 PSI / 234 BAR
Rated Flow: 15 Litres / Minute
Engine: 14 H.P. Kiam OHV4 stroke engine
Engine Speed: 3400 rpm
Fuel Type: Petrol unleaded
Displacement: 420 cm
Max. Torque: 26.5 N.m
Dimensions: 79cm * 50cm * 60cm
Weight: 68 kg


More Information, Please see our instruction manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Arrived a day early.
I've mounted this machine in my van (removed the handle and strapped it down). It's performing extremely well. A huge improvement from my 11lpm machine (now that I have a buffer tank to use it's full power). The engine is smooth and allows me to adjust the revs and pressure depending on the job.
I combined this with the £85~ reel and 30m extension hose which I've also mounted in the van meaning the only thing I have to carry is the lance.
The machine feels very well made and instructions were fairly good. Sucking from a tank can be confusing if you've not done it before (I was worried about running my pump dry) but I watched a YouTube video which showed me how to remove air from the feed tube and now it pulls brilliantly.

What a machine

I bought the top of the range Kiam pressure washer at the advice of John from equip2clean and cant emphasise enough what a fantastic machine it is. It’s cut my job time in half. Thanks for such a professional service and great product John. I will definitely be back to see you in the future.

Daniel Hughes
This machine is 100% on point

I have had two pressure washers in life... this one is so much better very fast very clean does driveways in minutes. I recommend using suction hose provided, it works better with it... You may need a tank to run it with but a wheelie bin works just the same. I had my doubts at first but money well spent... Now i just have to work out how to get it in the van with all my other equipment... Vans too small LMAO. Nice to see the staff here have time for customers. Thank you team at equip2clean...

Mark Jenkins
Kiam products

recently purchased the Kiam km3700r petrol pressure washer, great product, well manufactured and perfect for my business, Equip2clean staff extremely helpful when purchasing,

Daniel Griffiths

Having previously used another brand of pressure washer I was obviously dubious of making a change.

I took the plunge and ordered the kiam pressure washer.
It was delivered on time, and wow what a machine, build quality is astounding, and what a performance.
I certainly will be using kiam and equip2clean as my main supplier now.

Thanks guys

Robert Matthews

Great power washer. Just be careful to lower pressure output or you will remove paintwork!

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