Kiam 3000P Petrol Pressure Washer Honda GX200 Engine 3000 PSI 13 LPM

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Introducing the Kiam Ultimate 3000 Petrol Pressure Washer - the perfect solution for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Powered by a reliable Honda GX200 Engine (6.5HP), this machine delivers an impressive 3000PSI at 12.6 litres per minute, making it ideal for cleaning driveways, patios, vehicles, and more.

The Kiam Ultimate 3000 Petrol Pressure Washer features a sturdy and durable red frame, designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. With a 10-metre high-pressure hose, this machine offers a wide cleaning range, enabling you to clean even hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Thanks to its powerful engine and efficient water flow, the Kiam Ultimate 3000 Petrol Pressure Washer provides exceptional cleaning performance, making it a favourite among professionals. Whether you're looking to clean driveways, patios, roofs or remove dirt and grime from outdoor surfaces, this pressure washer is the perfect tool for the job.

With its powerful 4-stroke petrol Honda GX200 engine, the Kiam Ultimate 3000 is equipped with a recoil starter and features a low-oil shut off function that prevents the engine from being used when low on oil. Boasting an impressive 6.5 Horse Power, this engine is mounted to the chassis with anti-vibration shockers to provide a smooth and reliable performance. 

This unit includes a 3m water suction hose and a water suction filter, making it capable of drawing water from a water butt or water tank. It can also be connected directly to the mains for added convenience.

You can find more information on how to run from a water butt/tank on our blog post here...

Whether you're a professional or simply looking for a reliable and powerful pressure washer, the Kiam Ultimate 3000P Petrol Pressure Washer is the perfect tool for the job. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in cleaning power with the first Kiam pressure washer featuring a Honda GX200 engine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Rich laye
Apsolutley Perfect

. I would advise anyone who buys this gx200 to read the Manuels + booklets before starting this awesome machine.
As it's contains a lot of important info .

.The machine started on second attempt although I did allow all liquids to sit for ten mins, just so it could work it's way round the parts before rushing .

.It's an amazing machine even tho I am new to these products.

.It has a bit of noise but doesn't rattle , very sterdy doesn't rock side to side .

.It's powerful enough to clean black algae off, especially with the turbo nozzle.

.I thought it would come with a black nozzle , but was chuffed with blue one really good piece of kit, but you will need some pte tape to go round the connection of the quick connect nozzle.

.Also the blue nozzle is extremely powerful , depending on what your using it on just be careful.

.The hand gun feels nice it's lightweight and doesn't leak.

.Every nozzle that comes with the pressure washer itself is very well made easy to clean.

. I Ordered two hose lines with this machine both in amazing condition, strong, durable, no leaks would recommend these hose lines .

.The engine is 100% Honda .

.The connections when sliding these in lock in nice and tightly , no chance of these flying of anytime soon.

.Really good wheels that you can pump up .

.Easy to manouver has a strong sturdy handle , a little bit low if I'm honest but I am 6"3 . But if your only moving it to and from then I'm not bothered .

.It came very well packed lots of polystyrene around it cardboard aswell.

Everything that was bought with this p.washer was bubble wrapped and had the care put into it 10/10.

.Not one scratch or mark on any of the equipment it was all presented professionally.

.Not only would I recommend this pressure washer and all parts that came with it , I'd also reccommend this company to anyone professional or just starting out like myself .

.Haven't had a problem with anything I have bought yet from equip2clean.

So thank you for your service .

Picture below is a before and after only a little chemical was applied , but the result is amazing compared to what it was .

Hi Rich,

We are thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience with our Kiam 3000P Petrol Pressure Washer and the additional items you purchased from Equip2Clean. Your detailed review is incredibly helpful, not just to us but also to future customers looking to make an informed decision.

We're pleased to know you found the manuals and booklets informative and that the machine met your expectations right from the start. Our team puts in a lot of effort to ensure the machine and its accessories are up to the high standard you've experienced.

Regarding the blue nozzle that you liked, thank you for the heads up about needing PTFE tape for the quick connect. We'll consider including this tip in our future guides for the benefit of other users.

It's great to hear that even as someone new to these products, you found the machine easy to use and effective. We aim to make our products user-friendly and versatile, so your feedback is especially encouraging. We're glad you're finding value in the performance, from the power to clean black algae to the sturdiness and quality of the machine and accessories.

As for the handle height, your input is valuable and something we'll consider in future iterations, especially for our taller customers.

We deeply appreciate your recommendation and are delighted to know you're satisfied with your purchases and the customer service you've received from us. We take pride in the care and quality we put into each package sent out, and it's great to hear that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience. We look forward to serving you again soon!

Best regards,

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