Lavor SCL Quick 36B Walk-Behind Scrubber-Drier

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The Lavor SCL Quick 36B (with Battery and Charger) Walk-Behind Scrubber-Drier is the answer to all your hard floor cleaning problems. It is designed for Commercial cleaning tasks in Warehouses food production areas and large, flat flooring areas. It works well on all tiled floors, concrete floors, painted floors, linoleum, and will even clean undulating & grooved floors.

It works by injecting the detergent solution through the fast scrubbing brushes, and at the same time the rubber squeegee blades allow the dirty solution to be vacuumed away to the recovery tank.

Equipped with...

Suitable to work in congested areas like small shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, gyms, restaurants.

  • Adjustable flow (automatic start-stop with solenoid valve) of the detergent solution depending on type of surface.
  • Brush with quick release.
  • Removable recovery tank.
  • Squeegee lifting lever.
  • Compact reclining handle with control switches.
  • Easy access and simple service of the components.
  • Reclining handle-fit on any operator's height and allowing the perfect cleaning also on 90° corners.
  • Shock-absorbing covers, simple cleaning of the recovery tank, non marking wheels.
  • Easy access to mechanical parts (easy maintenance of each component), removable recovery tank without tools
  • User friendly analogic control panel.
  • Control lever for brush operation and detergent water outflow.
  • General ON/OFF switch, brush and vacuum motor switch, solenoid valve operation switch.
  • Parabolic squeegee rubber blades, easy replacement.
  • The floating brush plate and grant the right cleaning squeegee pressure on any type of floor.

Other useful information

Number of disc brushes: 1
The scrubbing group meets different cleaning path need with 1, 2 or 3 disc brushes.

Solenoid valve:
Together with the reliable mechanical solution faucet, this system reduce chemical consumption and avoid solution waste. The flow is open only when brush is working, there is no accidental leak with machine stopped. The system is protected by a filter with easy maintenance.

Integrated battery charger:
Some models are equipped with integrated battery charger, other ones have the predisposition only. It is possible to charge batteries in different rooms, without coming back to the same place.

Integrated battery:
Standard integrated battery is built with a maintenance free technology and it does not require restrictions about the place for battery charging. The non stop research allow to use always up-to-date batteries that combined with appropriate battery charger grant machine top performances.

Charge meter and battery protection:
It informs when the autonomy is finishing , allowing the end of the cleaning task (stopping brushes first and then the rest). It prevents damages to the batteries, preventing the complete discharge with any kind of technologies.

Applications pads:

Polyester To polish all kinds of floor. Use dry.

Nylon To remove all the old superficial wax, rests, obtaining ready floors to be recoated. Use wet.

Nylon For wet stripping of heavy layers of wax. Ideal to remove old floor finish scu and cement marks.

Technical characteristics

RPM / pressure on the brushes 145/22 RPM/Kg
Depression / Vacuum motor 650/180 mmH2O/W
Squegee width 460 mm
Max working capacity 1260 m2/h
Detergent tank capacity 11 l
Recovery tank capacity stop/total 12-13 l
Traction Mechanical
Brush motor power 250 W
Power supply 220/240V
Working Width  750 mm
Detergent Solution System Solenoid Valve
Dimensions / Weight 
120x43x97 cm / 57Kg 

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