Bronze - Ultimate Honda Exterior Cleaning Business Start-Up Package - Pressure Washing, Gutter, Window, Roof Cleaning Equipment

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Start Your Own Exterior Cleaning Business!

This premium package allows you to offer the following services & includes the following products:

Pressure washing/Driveway cleaning:

  • The Kiam HONDA 3400P gives massive pressure and big flow rates for the best results on paving, concrete flooring, driveways, and conservatories and in use with accessories such as telescopic lances and drain cleaning nozzles. It comes complete with 5 quick-release nozzles allowing you an easy transition from low-pressure detergent to high-pressure cleaning. The Kiam Ultimate HONDA 3400P petrol pressure washer includes a long 10m high-pressure hose, trigger gun and steel lance. The HONDA GX270 petrol engine is recoil-started and features a low-oil shut off which ensures the engine cannot be used when dry or low on oil. The 9hp engine is mounted to the chassis by anti-vibration shockers for a smooth and reliable performance. This unit comes complete with a 3m water suction hose and water suction filter and is designed to suck from a water butt or water tank and can also be connected directly to the mains. You can see more information on this machine here...
  • SurfacePro 18" Rotary Surface Cleaner. Fitted with two 25° nozzles that rotate at high speed to clean the floor at a constant distance and constant speed for an ultimate professional clean. This machine comes with a 3/8" male quick-release coupling, so your hose from the KM3700PR with this package will connect straight on. You can see more information on this surface cleaner here...
  • Turbo Nozzle - Fantastic power and performance from this spinning nozzle which is ideal for the removal of heavy dirt, and grime from flooring and will even remove paint from brickwork.
  • Adjustable Pressure Valve - This can be fitted in between your trigger gun and lance. This will allow you to reduce or increase the pressure on your machine. You can find out more information here...
  • 15m Drain hose - This attachment will attach to the end of your gun, giving you throttle control to clear drains and blockages. This will allow you to offer drain cleaning as an additional service. You can see more information regarding this here...
  • Quick-release J-Rod Nozzles - A 4-nozzle adapter that allows you to quickly and easily swap over nozzles on the end of your lance. Comes with a 0°, 15°, 25° 45° pre-built nozzles to work with your machine. You can see more information about these here...

Roof Cleaning/Softwashing 

  • 5.4m Lightweight Telescopic Lance - Our top-of-the-range telescopic lance, ideal for cleaning at height on brickwork etc or render cleaning. Very popular with our customers and has been called the "Best lance on the market" by @Aquacleansepro on Instagram (take a look at his page, he uses all of our equipment). Comes with a 3/8" male quick-release connection (Compatible with the KM3700PR). This lance can also be used for roof cleaning/softwashing. You can see more information about this lance here...
  • SurfacePro 12" Rotary Surface Cleaner - This smaller surface cleaner can be used for roof cleaning. You can attach this to the end of 5.4m lance and clean roofs with it. You can simply go across with the surface cleaner cleaning roofs. You can see more information on this here...
  • Hypo Jet Chemical Injector - This chemical injector will attach to the end of your lances. The chemical injector has a separate detergent pipe which goes straight into the chemical. This will then drop the pressure and pull the chemical through, mixing it at 6/1 with the water from the pressure washer. These are very popular for cleaning render or spraying down the Hypo Superfoam+ Blackspot removal. They work well with Sodium Hypochlorite as these cannot be put through the machine as they will ruin the seals on the pump. The Hypo superfoam+ has a separate detergent pipe to avoid this. You can see a video of the Hypo jet in use here...
  • Hypo Superfoam + (Blackspot Remover) 20L - This is the chemical you can use for Blackspot removals on the patio or moss removal. This is a powerful chemical that will kill grass etc so you must be careful when using it. You can see more information here...
  • P10 Traffic Film Remover (25L) TFR Detergent Degreaser - You would use this chemical for removing the film and general debris from the bodywork and chassis of vehicles. You can see more information on this chemical here...

Gutter Cleaning

  • 20ft Clamped Carbon Pole Kit with Carbon U-bend and 3 nozzle heads - Our all-new clamped carbon 40ft poles are the best. Customers love the new clamped carbon poles as they are easier to set up and you will have more control over the push-fit poles. They will also last a lot longer as they can't split on the end as they are protected by the clamps. This pack also comes with the Carbon U-bend which is extremely light and strong, giving you more control on the end of your pole. This package also comes with 3 different nozzles. You can see more here...
  • Holdall for Gutter Poles - High-quality holdall bag for gutter poles making it easier for you to move your poles about and keep your poles protected. This Holdall also comes with a front pocket for keeping your Carbon U-bend and nozzles in. You can see more information on the holdall here...
  • Wireless Gutter-Vac Camera Kit - This package comes with a 4K Camera which will attach to the end of your Carbon U-Bend. The camera connects to your phone which can be mounted to your bottom pole with the bracket that comes with the kit. This allows you to record and take before/after videos/photos to show your customer. You can see more information here on this package...

Window Cleaning/Solar panel cleaning

  • Carbon Pro 40ft Window Cleaning Pole - Our top-of-the-range 100% carbon window cleaning pole. Extremely lightweight and strong, this pole will allow you to tackle any job. These poles are often used for solar panel cleaning by leading professionals in the field.
  • Squeegee head with twin gooseneck for Carbon Pro 28ft window cleaning pole - This twin attachment allows you to attach both the brush head and the squeegee head onto the end of the pole to use both heads by simply switching the head over to the opposite side. This means you do not have to stop to swap. 
  • Aquaspray Pro 20L Battery Operated spray tank  - This will connect and work with your Carbon Pro 28ft window cleaning pole. The system allows you to carry your one independent supply of water which is easily powered by the battery-operated system. This system will allow you to fill the tank with de-ionised water, therefore not leaving water marks on the window. The tank will also allow you to mix chemicals in for cleaning soffits and facias.


  • Hi-Vis Jacket
  • 2 x Van stickers to promote the services you can now offer!
  • N.B. Next day delivery service is not available on the poles as they won't fit on the pallet and have to go on a 48 Large service.

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