Quick Release 40° Fan Jet Nozzle (White)

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Stainless steel 1/4" (11.6mm) quick release high pressure 40 degree nozzle jet. These jets all pressure washers where they simply snap into the end of the lance.  Available in multiple nozzle sizes (If you are unsure you can call us for advice on 0151 548 5500. You will need to tell us the pump pressure and flow rate so we can help).

Nozzle Size Chart
Use the pressure washer nozzle size chart below to select the correct nozzle for your pressure washer. For example: If you have a pressure washer rated at 100 Bar and 11 litres/min start at the 100 bar column, slide down until you get to the number nearest 11, in this case 11.3, now look to the green column which is a 05 nozzle. Now decide which angle spray pattern best suits your needs.

Note: PRESSURE CONVERSION. If you want to convert PSI to BAR, divide the PSI value by 15.

Nozzle size chart

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Arnold
Quick release 40° Nozzle orifice size 35

I've recently purchased a nilfisk 135 pressure washer. But when I've tried a stubby gun for car washing the unit kept shutting down because of back pressure.
After reading up on the problem its because the nozzles that came with the stubby gun had nozzles with a 025 orifice and needed a Nozzle with a larger orifice of 035.
This company had a selection of different size nozzles to accommodate.

Chris Matthews
Great nozzles

Excellent from start to finish

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