How to clean the shuttle and spring on a pressure washer

How to clean the shuttle and spring on a pressure washer

Have you noticed a gradual drop in pressure when using your pressure washer? Or have you noticed some smoking from your pressure washer exhaust? Maybe even a slight leak on the detergent nipple? Well, if so, there’s no need to worry, as there is a quick and easy remedy to solve your problems!

No matter how old your pressure washer is, whether it is two months or two years old, all machines need some tender loving care. The easiest way to ensure your pressure washer runs smoothly and maintains efficient functionality is to clean the shuttle and spring on the unloader valve outlet. The shuttle and spring can be located behind the outlet on the unloader valve - you will need to loosen it with a spanner. Once the outlet has been removed, the shuttle and spring needs to be cleaned out. To do so, just use some water to rinse off any build-up of grit or dirt.

Location of the Shuttle and Spring


The shuttle and spring are small components within the unloader valve - it looks like a small bullet with a spring sticking out the end. The spring should have 11 coils and the shuttle should have an O-Ring at the tip, just like in the photo below.

We would recommend cleaning the shuttle and spring at least once a month. This frequency ensures that it stays clean and prevents any issues. If, at any point, you notice the spring has broken up or rusted over time, or the O-Ring has degraded, you can buy an unloader service kit from Equipmart.

If you have any other questions or need further advice on caring for your steam cleaner, get in touch with Equipmart. Our experts will be more than happy to help answer your questions or help you choose the right product for you needs.