How to use social media for your Exterior Cleaning Business?

Social media has now become an essential tool for anyone starting up their own driveway/gutter cleaning business.

There are now thousands of businesses (Your new competitors) with Instagram/Facebook accounts using the platforms as tools to show off their work and attract new customers. Think of it as a modern-day free brochure that customers can find/ stumble across.

Instagram is a brilliant platform to show results of your workmanship and a way new customers can see your work. Your current customers can advertise for you for free by reposting etc to their friends.

We would recommend using Instagram and Facebook, with Instagram being our favourite of the two. However, both platforms have their benefits.


Best Practices…

  • Post around 3 times a week.
  • Too many posts and you will annoy your followers, too little and you will be forgotten about, we recommend around 3 posts per week.
  • Try to post at key times, trial posts and see when you get the maximum likes and engagement. A general rule of thumb is to post in the evenings when people have finished work… around 7/8pm is a key time.


  • Tag Brands and customers
  • Tagging Brands allows them to repost your work, we love it when customers do this… not only does it allow us to show off our equipment being used, but it also benefits you as the customer, as often Brands have large followers. A repost from a brand will mean that you will gain followers, allowing you to grow your page. More followers on your account provides a level of authenticity to customers when they are looking at your page to decide whether or not to go with you or someone else.
  • Tagging customers is also a great practice (make sure to ask their permission), this will appear on your customers feeds meaning that their friends and families will see your work and the fantastic results you have achieved. This is bound to attract more business as a recommendation from a friend is a huge selling point for your work.


  • Follow other Exterior Cleaners
  • There is a warm and friendly community growing on social media for exterior cleaners on Instagram with lots of people in the same industry encouraging others. It is also a great place to learn about best cleaning practices and what machines etc people are using to achieve great results. One great account to follow is @aquacleansepro, who constantly posts very satisfying cleaning videos and some amazing before/after photos of jobs he has done.
  • I would recommend following lots of other exterior cleaning accounts as you will learn good practices and also gain followers as they will follow you back and help grow your following as you help them.
  • Facebook can also be a great place for advice in various Facebook groups, but in my opinion, it is not as friendly as Instagram… BEWARE OF KEYBOARD WARRIORS!!!


  • Try and make satisfying content
  • It may sound hard… but it is actually quite easy nowadays to make cleaning videos from your phone. Buy a cheap tripod for £20 and set it up whilst you clean, set your phone on time-lapse mode and you will be amazed how satisfying the video will be. The time-lapse function speeds up what you have recorded. Download Tiktok, add music and post.


  • Like and Comment on others post
  • Engaging with other accounts in the same industry as you is a great way to meet people in the industry and to learn the best cleaning practices
  • This will also give your Instagram page exposure as you will appear on others feeds and gain followers.

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