The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pressure Washer for Car Detailing: Why Industry Leaders Prefer the DTLR Pro

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pressure Washer for Car Detailing: Why Industry Leaders Prefer the DTLR Pro

In the world of car detailing, having the right equipment is paramount to achieving that perfect finish. Among the myriad choices available, finding the best pressure washer can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, the search ends here with the Kiam DTLR Pro Electric 120 Bar Pressure Washer. Renowned for its impeccable performance and versatility, it’s no surprise that this model is the preferred choice of industry-leading professionals.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

The Kiam DTLR Pro is not just any pressure washer. Designed with car detailing in mind, it delivers a powerful 120 bar pressure output at 9.5 litres per minute, ensuring that every speck of dirt and grime is effortlessly removed from your vehicle’s surface. Its electric design makes it both efficient and environmentally friendly, offering a superior cleaning experience without the noise and emissions of petrol-powered models.

For those seeking the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, the DTLR Pro with 2 in 1 Wheel Base and Wall Mount with Hose Reel is a game-changer. This innovative design allows for easy mobility around your vehicle or a stationary setup that keeps everything neatly organized, making it the perfect tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders

The DTLR Pro Pressure Washer is not just another product on the market; it's a part of the daily routine for some of the most reputable names in car detailing. Five Star Detailing, with a staggering 1.3 million followers on TikTok and 203k on Instagram, exclusively uses the DTLR Pro. Their glowing endorsement speaks volumes about the machine’s capabilities and the exceptional results it delivers.


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Similarly, Assetti Performance, specialists in performance, styling, and XPEL PPF application, rely on the DTLR Pro for pre-detailing cars. Their choice to use this model further cements its status as the go-to pressure washer for professionals seeking perfection in their work.

Why Choose the DTLR Pro?

Choosing the DTLR Pro for your car detailing needs is a decision backed by the trust and preference of industry leaders. Here are just a few reasons why it stands out from the competition:

  • Power and Efficiency: With its 120 bar pressure and 9.5 LPM flow rate, it ensures a thorough clean that is both quick and efficient.
  • Versatility: Available with a unique 2 in 1 wheel base and wall mount, it caters to every detailing scenario.
  • Professional Endorsement: Used by names like Five Star Detailing and Assetti Performance, it's proven to meet the highest standards of detailing professionals.

Whether you’re a professional detailer or an enthusiast aiming for that showroom shine at home, the Kiam DTLR Pro offers the performance, versatility, and professional endorsement you need to make an informed decision.

Elevate your detailing game and discover why the DTLR Pro is the pressure washer of choice for the industry’s best. Explore more about this exceptional machine and secure yours today at Equip2Clean. Your vehicle deserves the best, and with the DTLR Pro, that’s exactly what it will get.

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