What is the Function of a Gearbox on a Pressure Washer?

What is the Function of a Gearbox on a Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are powerful tools used across the UK for cleaning a variety of surfaces, from domestic driveways to commercial buildings. One critical component that enhances their functionality is the gearbox. In this post, we'll explore what a gearbox does in a pressure washer, with a focus on two models from Equip2clean that feature different engines but utilise gearboxes effectively.

The Role of a Gearbox

The primary function of a gearbox in a pressure washer is to reduce the speed of the engine’s motor before it reaches the pump. This reduction is crucial because the pump operates best at a lower speed than the engine. By moderating the engine speed, the gearbox ensures the pump can generate a consistent and stable water pressure, which is essential for effective cleaning.

Benefits of a Gearbox

1. Enhanced Durability: By controlling the speed at which the engine drives the pump, the gearbox helps in reducing the wear and tear on the pump. This contributes significantly to the longevity of both the pump and the pressure washer.

2. Increased Efficiency: Gearboxes enable the pump to maintain optimal hydraulic performance. This efficiency means you can clean surfaces more effectively with less effort and in less time.

3. Versatility and Power Management: The ability to manage power output through gear reduction allows these machines to tackle different cleaning tasks, from light residential work to heavy-duty commercial cleaning, without straining the engine or compromising on performance.

Case Studies from Equip2clean

Let’s look at two specific models available on the Equip2clean website that demonstrate the importance of gearboxes:

1. Kiam Ultimate3600 Petrol Pressure Washer (Honda GX390 Engine, 13HP): This model comes equipped with a robust Honda GX390 engine renowned for its reliability and performance. The inclusion of a gearbox in this setup allows it to harness the power of the Honda engine efficiently, translating high engine speeds into optimal pump speeds for pressure washing. Kiam Ultimate3600.

2. Kiam KM3700PR (Loncin Engine): Featuring a different engine, the Loncin, known for its cost-effectiveness and solid performance, this model also benefits from a gearbox. The gearbox adapts the Loncin’s output to ensure the pump operates at an ideal speed, thus providing reliable and consistent cleaning power. Kiam KM3700PR.


In conclusion, the gearbox is a vital component of a pressure washer, pivotal in bridging the gap between engine performance and pump efficiency. Whether powered by a Honda or a Loncin engine, the role of the gearbox in managing and optimising the machine’s operation cannot be overstated. For anyone looking to invest in a reliable pressure washer, understanding the function of the gearbox is key to choosing a model that offers longevity and effective cleaning capabilities.

Visit Equip2clean to explore these models and learn more about how their gearboxes enhance the performance of pressure washers.

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