Kiam DTLR® Snow Foam Detailing Cannon Bottle - Wide Mouth - Variable Nozzle - 1.5 litre

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Optional Extras

  • Aquaspray® Snow Foam Car Wash Detergent (5 litres)

    Aquaspray® Snow Foam Car Wash Detergent (5 litres)

    (+£19.99 GBP)


  • Kew Nilfisk Alto Industrial / Kranzle D12 Pressure Washer Lance Bayonet Adapter Coupling (1/4" Male)

    Kew Nilfisk Alto Industrial / Kranzle D12 Pressure Washer Lance Bayonet Adapter Coupling (1/4" Male)

    (+£8.99 GBP)

  • Trigger Gun and 5" Lance for High Pressure Washer

    Trigger Gun and 5" Lance for High Pressure Washer

    (+£26.95 GBP)

  • Kiam® DTLR Pro® Electric Pressure Washer 120 Bar 9.5 LPM

    Kiam® DTLR Pro® Electric Pressure Washer 120 Bar 9.5 LPM

    (+£725.00 GBP)

12 months warranty

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The KIAM DTLR® Snow Foam Detailing Cannon, the pinnacle of automotive care technology, crafted for applications across a diverse array of surfaces including cars, vans, bicycles, caravans, and architectural exteriors. This cannon is to be operated in conjunction with a pressure washer, optimally functioning with models ranging from 1500psi / 100 bar to 3000psi / 200 bar. It comes equipped with a 1.5 Litre snow foam container, featuring a 1/4" (11.6mm) quick release male connection. It boasts a variable angle spray pattern nozzle and a chemical adjustment mechanism to precisely control the foam's volume.

The newly designed, robust foam injection lance/bottle seamlessly connects to your existing pressure washer's gun, promising unparalleled results. It discharges foam over the vehicle, emitting a superior 'snow bath effect' and delivering superb cleaning capabilities. Simply envelop the vehicle in foam and allow it to dwell, absorbing contaminants in the process, followed by a rinse and dry to achieve an impeccable finish.

The Snow Foam Bottle features a wide base for stability and a wide inlet mouth for easy filling too.

  1. Versatile Spray Patterns: Its capability to modify the foam spray from an extensive 90-degree flat fan to a focused 0-degree jet pattern enables customised application, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the vehicle. This adaptability is essential for exhaustive cleaning, facilitating the foam's penetration and the loosening of dirt and grime from inaccessible areas.

  2. Adjustable Foam Concentration: Equipped with a soap control dial, the Snow Foam Lance permits precise adjustments to the foam's density and richness. Turning the knob to its maximum clockwise position produces a thick, affluent foam that adheres to surfaces for extended periods, crucial for dissolving and encapsulating dirt particles, thereby minimising the likelihood of scratches during the cleaning process.

  3. High-Quality Construction: Constructed with premium brass components to guarantee durability and longevity, this foam cannon stands as a testament to reliability for frequent usage. The thick plastic utilised for the bottle exemplifies the product's sturdiness and resistance to wear, further underscoring its robustness.

In essence, the KIAM Snow Foam Lance embodies professional detailing par excellence, facilitated by its innovative design allowing for customisable foam application, the employment of high-grade materials for enduring performance, and user-centric features that offer efficiency and simplicity of use. These characteristics make it an unparalleled tool for aficionados and professionals alike, desiring a superior cleaning experience for their vehicles, motorcycles, or marine vessels.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bottle Capacity: 1.5 litre
  • Materials: Brass, Nylon (plastic), and stainless steel connector
  • Minimum Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Minimum Flow: 6.3 litres per minute
  • Maximum Flow: 25 litres per minute
  • Maximum Temperature: 90°C



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