Kiam Gutter Vacuum System KV80-3 3600W with Gutter Pole Kit


28FT (8.4 METRE) KIT
32FT (9.6 METRE) KIT
36FT (10.8 METRE) KIT
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Optional Extras

  • Wireless Gutter Vac WiFi Inspection Camera (Inc. Pole Brackets & Phone Holder)

    Wireless Gutter Vac WiFi Inspection Camera (Inc. Pole Brackets & Phone Holder)

    (+£179.95 GBP)

  • Carry Bag Holdall for Kiam Gutter Vacuum Pole Kit

    Carry Bag Holdall for Kiam Gutter Vacuum Pole Kit

    (+£77.35 GBP)

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KV80-3 Product Description

The KV80-3 Product is a professional vacuum cleaner that features three powerful motors producing 3600W of suction, allowing it to clean gutters without hassle. This heavy duty steel trolley with castors can be used on any type or voltage power source and comes complete with all parts needed for cleaning including two nozzles - one dry (for dusty surfaces)
and another wet/crevice tool--which assist in removing debris from tight spaces

Looking for an industrial grade vacuum to tackle even the toughest jobs? Look no further than the Kiam Gutter Vacuum System KV80-3 3600W with Gutter Pole Kit! This powerful machine features three 1200W bypass motors for a combined total of 3600W of suction power, making short work of even the most stubborn dirt and debris.

The KV80-3 comes with a stainless steel tank that can hold up to 80 litres of liquid, making it ideal for wet or dry vacuuming. The included gutter pole kit makes it easy to reach high areas, while the dry and wet floor nozzles make quick work of any surface. Plus, the removable washable dust filter ensures that your vacuum will always be performing at its best.

KV80-3 Product Features
- Heavy Duty Steel Trolley With Cushion Wheels & Castors
- Power: 3x 1200W Bypass Motors (220 - 240V)
- Tank: Stainless Steel (80 Litres)
- Air Flow: 216 Ltr/Sec
- Power Cable Length: 8 Metre

KV80-3 Product Includes
- Removable Washable Easyclean Dust Filter (Dry Use)
- Suction Hose (40mm Ø X 5000mm)
- Chrome Plated Metal Tube
- Dry Floor Nozzle
- Wet Floor Nozzle
- Crevice Tool
- Dust Brush

Side Entry Kit - Optional Extra

Fitting a Side Entry to your Vacuum will improve the airflow of your machine greatly. You can see a video of how to easily fit this below.

Gutter Pole Kit Product Description
This light weight GUTTER CLEANING POLE KIT allows you to safely work off the ground without the need for ladders. Will fit most wet & dry vacuum cleaners as it comes supplied with a 40 / 51mm hose adapter too. Used widely by Professional Gutter cleaners, window cleaners & Handymen across the UK & Europe.

The traditional method of gutter cleaning was using a ladder and to scoop the debris from the gutters using one hand while standing on the ladder holding on with the other also trying to hold a bag or bucket. With this pole set combined with your wet and dry vacuum you can now access areas that where previously inaccessible and clean gutters safely and effectively.

Blocked gutters will reduce or even stop water flow the water will build up and it will usually find it's way into the property causing expensive damage, blockages can build up in gutters usually in inaccessible places where people have been unable to clean like above conservatories, extensions, areas where the ground is unsuitable to place a ladder, this problem is eliminated with Kiams gutter vacuum pole systems with our pole sets combined with your wet and dry vacuum access is gained with ease and offers a cost effective solution to gutter cleaning.

The pole system is manufactured from Lightweight Aerospace grade aluminium. A 4' pole length weighs just 715 grams.


Model: KV80-3
Tank Capacity: 80 Litres
Rated Power: 3600W (3x 1200W)
Rated Voltage: 220-240V
Normal Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Air Flow: 216 Litres/Sec
Accessory Diameter: 40mm
Cable Length: 8 Metres

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Stephen Appleby

Good powerful machine great for small industrial work. Good customer service. Overall perfect.

Bora Bora Window and Gutter Cleaning

Great Customer Service

dan Bailey

Excellent customer service couldn't of been more helpful.


Kiam Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System KV80-3 3600W with Gutter Pole Kit

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