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Wolf Creek HT50 Electric Long Reach Pole Hedge Trimmer
The HT50 is a unique Pole Trimmer with a 150 degree articulating power head for easy cutting and shaping of hedges & bushes. The telescopic pole allows the operator to extend and lock the shaft into position up to a...
£189.99 £99.95
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Strimmer Head Bump Feed Nylon Line (10mm Screw Thread)
Will fit all strimmers with the standard 10mm opposite thread. Fits:- Kiam Sherwood 34, 43, 49, 52, 58, 58G - Kiam Sherwood KS36, KS40, KS49, KS52 - Wolf Creek Multi-tool 34, 43, 49, 52, 58, 58G - Wolf Creek FS39...
£12.99 from £9.95
Recoil Starter for Kiam Sherwood and Wolf Creek 2-Stroke Engine (2011-13 & 2020 Model)
Pull cord recoil starter to fit Kiam Sherwood and Wolf Creek range.  Will also fit most other Chinese / American 2 stroke 34cc, 36cc, 43cc, 49cc, 52cc and 58cc engines.  Hole sizes are 66mm from horizontally and 66mm vertically. Will fit the...
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Carry Bag Holdall for 5 in 1 Garden Multi-tool
Ideal to store your 5 in 1 garden multi tool, hedge trimmer, strimmer and brush cutter.This heavy duty canvas bag features a padded shoulder strap and side handles, padded base for extra protection and a long zip for easy access.Dimensions: 104cm x 24cm...
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Turbo Nozzle / Spinning Jet 4000 PSI / 280 bar for Pressure washer
The best selling pressure washer accessory.  Fantastic power and performance from this spinning nozzle which is ideal for removal of heavy dirt, grime from flooring, and will even remove flaking paint from brickwork.  The Turbo nozzle almost doubles the cleaning...
3/8" Male Screw Thread to 14.8mm (3/8") Quick Release Male Coupling
This 3/8" male screw thread to 14.8mm (3/8") quick release male coupling is ideal for those who wish to easily change from one accessory to another without having to unscrew / screw on couplings.
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Snow Foam Lance Spray Nozzle - Variable Nozzle for Bosch, Karcher, Kew Industrial, Lavor, Nilfisk Alto, Nilfisk Gerni
PLEASE SELECT THE CORRECT COUPLING TO SUIT YOUR PRESSURE WASHER.   1/4" female screw thread with choice of adapters to fit Bosch, Bosch AQT, Karcher K series, Kew Industrial, Lavor, Nilfisk Alto, Nilfisk Gerni, Black & Decker, Kranzle pressure washers.  To...
from £15.49
Kiam VT62-300S Rotary Floor Cleaning Tool Steel Flat Surface Cleaner
Fantastic power and performance for cleaning block-paving, patios, driveways and floors.  Used widely by professional paving cleaning companies.  The two nozzles rotate at high speed to clean the floor at a constant distance and constant speed for the ultimate professional clean.  Reduces the...
£385.00 £282.00
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10" Oregon 91VG040X Chainsaw Chain
Oregon Type / Part No: 91VG040X
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Kiam High Pressure Hose 10m Extension (220 Bar)
Heavy duty 10m industrial high pressure hose extension rated up to 220 bar (3200psi) at 60°C.  Has a 3/8" (14.8mm) female quick release on one end and a 3/8" (14.8mm) male quick release on the other.
£66.95 £56.99
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Kiam Twin Wire High Pressure Hose 10m Extension (300 Bar)
Heavy duty 10m industrial twin wire high pressure hose extension rated up to 300 bar (4310psi) at 60°C.  Has a 3/8" (14.8mm) female quick release on one end and a 3/8" (14.8mm) male quick release on the other.
£78.95 £66.99
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M22 Male Screw to 3/8" (14.8mm) Quick Release Female Coupling
Will convert a M22 female connection into a 3/8" (14.8mm) quick release female coupling. NOTE: The M22 couplings have a 14mm internal spigot, this will not suit M22 threads that have a 15mm internal spigot as it will not seal...
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Flexible Drain Hose with Rotary Spinning Nozzle
Simply attach to your pressure washer, place inside the drain and the watch the powerful water jets clean out the debris and blockages from within the drain.  The drain nozzle has 3 rear facing jets that rotate at high speed...
from £24.99
1/4" Female Screw Thread to 11.6mm (1/4") Quick Release Female Coupling
This coupling is used for connecting 11.6mm (1/4") quick release high pressure nozzles to a standard lance (1/4" screw thread).
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Recoil Starter for KM45-18 and KM52-20 Chainsaw
Recoil starter for chainsaw, ideal replacement for the Kiam KM45-18 and KM52-20.
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1/4" Male Screw Thread to 11.6mm (1/4") Quick Release Male Coupling
This coupling is commonly used for converting accessories (i.e. turbo nozzles) with a 1/4" female screw thread into a 11.6mm (1/4") quick release male.
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Trigger Gun and 5" Lance for High Pressure Washer
Heavy duty trigger gun with a short 5" lance, ideal for close at hand working with your pressure washer.  Fitted with a 3/8" (14.8mm) male quick release coupling on inlet (to connect to hose) and a 1/4" (11.6mm) female quick release...
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Unloader Valve for Triplex Pump Kiam 3700P, 3700PR, 3600DX, 3600DXR
Unloader valve complete, includes two side bolts with o'rings to bolt straight onto Kiam Triplex pump. Will fit KM3200P (7HP), KM3400P (9HP), KM3700P, KM3700PR, Warrior 3000P, Warrior 3400P, Warrior 3700P, KM3000DHI,  KM3600DX and KM3600DXR models.
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7.2m (24') Telescopic Extendable Lance for Pressure Washer (1/4" BSP Nozzle)
7.2m (24') telescopic lance for use with mobile pressure washers used for cleaning house facades, windows, guttering, fascias, brickwork, high sided vehicles and machinery.  This two section, innovative design retracts to a more manageable size and allows for easier field maintenance. ...
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