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Kiam KV60-3 3000W Triple Motor Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Professional wet and dry vacuum cleaner with triple 1000w motors providing a huge 3000w suction.  Features a 60 litre stainless steel tank and a 2.5m hose, ideal for a car wash and gutter cleaning.  Fantastic on vehicles, plant, machinery, around the workshop and warehouse.  Widely used...
£799.00 £345.00
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Kiam Roof Cleaner 21" Rotary Surface Tool (Adjustable Height & Width)
The Kiam 21" rotary surface roof cleaner features adjustable width and adjustable height to suit all types of roofs.  With two high pressure nozzles spinning directly onto the roof surface to remove moss, lichens, dirt and debris from the roof tiles.  This reduces...
£916.00 £619.95
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Kiam KA500 Petrol Earth Auger / Post Hole Borer (52cc)
Includes 3 drill bits (100mm, 150mm and 200mm) and a extension pole!  The Kiam KA500 high-performance one-man auger is the choice of professionals and jobbers alike.  Ideal for drilling holes for fence posts, and even trees, shrubs and other planting tasks.  It...
£319.99 £179.95
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Kiam KV30B 1400W Professional Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Blower Function
The KV30B features an efficient and powerful 1400W motor providing great suction with a heavy duty stainless steel drum.  Suitable for use around the home, office and garage. A very powerful steel vacuum cleaner comes with a 1.5m hose, stainless...
£274.00 £89.95
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3.6m (12') Telescopic Extendable Lance for Pressure Washer (1/4" BSP Nozzle)
3.6m (12') telescopic lance for use with mobile pressure washers used for cleaning house facades, windows, guttering, fascias, brickwork, high sided vehicles and machinery.  This two section, innovative design retracts to a more manageable size and allows for easier field maintenance. ...
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Kiam SurfacePro 8 Rotary Surface Cleaner Wall Tool Steel 8" with Trigger Gun
Manufactured with a dual bearing and precision-ground Tungsten stem and seat for maximum durability.  Comes with a short trigger gun used for cleaning of walls and detailing smaller areas. Features: Heavy Duty Swivel Joint Housing for optimum maneuverability Double ball-bearing system “Mink...
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